Marcus Rashford inspired little boy in Cadbury’s ad to help feed hungry kids


A boy who starred in a Cadbury TV advert is channelling his hero Marcus Rashford by delivering hand-written letters to his neighbours asking for food for hungry kids.

Seven-year-old Stanley Heaton plays for the Man Utd star’s childhood football team but is following in his idol’s footsteps in more ways than one.

His note explains he’s “really lucky because he has lots of food at home” and that he hopes to “help other kids who can’t afford things”.

He adds to the bottom of the letter: “If you need any help or food, please let me know.”

Stanley, who was seen in the advert sharing sweets with his classmates, plays for Fletcher Moss Rangers FC where Rashford’s career began. He says the England star, 23, is his “inspiration”.

He set out posting his letter to neighbours’ with mum Steph, 31, before widening the net to the whole estate in Droylsden, Greater Manchester.

She said: “He’d seen what Marcus Rashford has been doing. We had a chat about how lucky he was and what he takes for granted like just going to the snack cupboard and getting what he wants. I said ‘some children don’t have that’.

“He said ‘that’s not good mummy. We need to do something’ and then he said ‘shall we ask the neighbours to see if we can get some food’.

“We wrote the letters and then we posted it to about 10 houses of people that we knew and within an hour we had two carrier bags full of food and presents.

“I thought ‘wow, that was quick’ so the next day we delivered them a bit further up the street. The next day we did a few more on the estate, now I’ve got half a living room full of presents and food.”

She said of her son: “He’s got a heart of gold. He walks past a homeless man in the street and I turn around and he’s talking to him and giving him change.”

The food will be sent to Droylsden foodbank while presents will be donated to a local Christmas appeal.

Stanley said: “It felt wrong that other people would starve and I just felt that it wasn’t acceptable.”

After hearing of the young lad’s letter Rashford sent him a message saying: “Stanley, you are my hero.”